Pursue – So Much

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Pursue brings to mind such a wide range of topics; pursue your dreams, pursue your mate, pursue self-awareness. Pursue the next cookie.  The word has so much potential.

I have tried to instill the pursuit of happiness in my children, both with themselves, others,  and in their career goals.  I have listed a few of the  “pursue” tag lines that could be heard around our house; you are not competing with the world, you are here to make the world better; It is okay to stand alone, just stand for what you believe; God loves you no matter what; If you live through it and learned from it, it’s okay;  Listen to others, disagreeing is okay, but respect others belief’s; no matter what you want to do with your life, give it your all. So many topics that could be listed as pursuit.

In return they have also taught me the pursuit of patience, pursuit of truly listening not waiting to talk, pursuit of non-judgment.  The list grows daily.  Pursuit is a life long multifaceted journey.


Temporary – Active Household

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When my children were young, I would complain about the house not being clean, the laundry never caught-up, when would I have some “me” time.  Ladies with older children would always say, “Enjoy them. Don’t worry about the house, dishes, etc, they are only young for a short time.”

Now my children are strong independent adults.  I look back and long for the days of baby drools, snuggles, and playing cars or dolls.  I so wish I had put off all of the things that I saw as important and patted out one more mud pie.

Bitter – Lemons!

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Bitter!  Lemons!  I am sure my first thought should have been bitter attitudes, but Lemons! I enjoy an occasional lemonade, but my husband puts lemons in his coke. My mom puts lemon in her water.  Recipes call for adding lemon juice to fish and other dishes.  Lemons bring people happiness without even trying. So squeeze out the bitter and add a little sugar!  Bring happiness to others!

Exposed – Feelings

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Exposed.  The word brings to mind pictures of loneliness, isolation,  coldness.  It explains how I feel when someone wants to “be friends”.  How much to do you share?  How much information can you trust this person with?  Will they twist what you are saying and use it against you later?  More times than not when I have exposed by true feelings with a new friend I have been left exposed, cold, lonely, disappointed.

The Mind – Decisions – Prespective

person-thinkingThe past 5 months have been a struggle.  My mind has been bombarded with negative and troublesome thoughts.  I did not think about the direction or focus of my mind until about a month ago.  The reason follows:

A job opened at work. The one position that is available in my department that would be considered a promotion.  I applied.  I understood from the beginning that I did not have the required two-year college degree, but I hoped that the combination of striving to complete a two-year degree, 15 years’ experience in the clerical aspects of education, plus being in the department for two years would make a difference and the committee would think outside the box.  I was mistaken.

Understand that I was never upset with the committee.  I was upset by the amount of disappointment I felt.  I was not prepared for what I was feeling.  I have dealt with being down hearted, sad, or my personal favorite description -1, but I can usually pull myself out of it rather quickly.  This mind set was different.  After two weeks of despondency, I knew “I” could not change my situation.  I knew I had to have help.  I dusted off my Bible and began reading.  I also decided to re-read Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.  Slowly I am coming to grips with what must happen.  My mind must be changed.  I must consciously choose, through prayer, to stop the negative self-pity.  I must begin thinking about what I am thinking about.

I kept saying, “I have to work through what I am feeling.” That was incorrect.  I had to fully rely on God to show me what I need to learn from the situation.

I am still struggling and I must continually pull my mind back from the dark side, but I am calmer and happier than I have been in a long time.  One example; Saturday is my cleaning day.  I am sure your list is like mine, dust, vacuum, mop, laundry, etc. etc.  I dislike going to bed on Friday, because of “The Saturday” list.  However, this morning, for the first time in a very long time, I woke up and my first thought was, “Today I get to take care of my family.”  I physically stopped and said, “Where did that thought come from?”  I knew God had given me the gift of looking at today through new eyes.

I am unsure if I will continue my educational journey.  I feel that I was trying to keep my mind busy with school, but I was only adding to the stress and negativity.  For now, I am going to concentrate on the renewing of my mind.  School in the Fall?  Maybe, we shall see if that falls into the plans the Lord has for me.

Until then, I am planning on continuing this blog, but the topics might me somewhat different than what I had originally intended.

Those that follow me, I hope you will continue with me on this, my new journey.

Life since Nov. 14, 2016

Life took an interesting turn for our household on November 14. On that day, my husband had by-pass surgery.  Seven, seven by-passes.  The surgery lasted six extremely tense hours.  All went well, but he ended up staying in the hospital for two weeks.  His heart kept getting out of rhythm, his blood sugar would soar and drop, and he was not sleeping.  Three days after the surgery, I came down with strep throat and was “asked” to leave the hospital for three days.  As much as I hated to leave, the hospital staff was phenomenal.  During my three-day absence, they did not mind me calling and checking in.  He was released from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day.  Our feast was delayed a few days, but I do believe that was the most thankful Thanksgiving we had celebrated. Husband is healing, but there is still a hole that we have to clean with a Q-tip and pack with gauze.  The area is getting smaller, but it is very painful for him.

During the second week of his hospital stay, our daughter gave birth to our first grandchild!  While this was exciting, we were unable to be there.  She and her husband live 15 hours away.  I was never more thankful for live feed on Google Hangouts and Snapchat.  When baby boy arrived, my husband’s spirit really picked up.  She was able to bring grandson down for a week before Christmas, it was so good to hold the wiggly little thing.

Our oldest runs a business 45 minutes away and drove over every evening and most mornings.  He helped with all aspects of tending to his father during his hospitalization. He is always available to help and is a source of encouragement.

Our youngest has gone above and beyond.  He has been living four hours away working as the manager of a grocery store and concentrating on his classic rock band.  However, when he came down to be with us during the surgery, he had decided to stay.  We did not know of this decision, but were so pleased.  He left his job, the band and is here until his dad is completely healed.  He has been driving his dad an hour to his weekly appointments, helping with changing bandages and doing wherever is needed.  He stated that he knows he does not want to become a nurse.

In addition to the events above, one week after my husband was released from the hospital, my father had a heart attack and was hospitalized for four days.  He had a pacemaker implanted and is doing well.

After a six week leave of absence from work, I returned to the routine and finished my online math class and received an A.  Yea!  Maybe life will settle down.  Well maybe?

First Online Exam!



This past week held a completely new experience for me.  I took my first online exam!  I was so anxious.  Before I watched the instructional video, I could not comprehend how the process worked.  All sorts of scenarios were running through my head.  I imagined logging in, click talking with someone and then taking the test.  Another scenario was logging in and the proctor staring at me the entire testing period.  I thought, let’s add to the anxiety level.  Both happened, but not to the extreme that I had imagined.  First, I had to schedule my exam time.  Okay, no problem.  Also, if you scheduled early, the instructor would give you 2 points on the exam.  This was a no brainer, at least I will have a score of 2!  Test day came. A countdown timer showed up on the screen.  I logged in.  I had to show the young lady my driver’s license and she took my picture. She took control of my computer and shut down several programs. I then had to move my computer around the room so she could see the walls, my work area and the floor.  Once she was assured that there no cheating materials around, she unlocked the exam and I began.  I was relieved to discover that although my webcam was on, she could see me, but I could not see her.  I actually forgot she was there.  Upon completion, I sent her a message by text box and I was finished!  Painless!  We were given 2 hours to take the test.  Forty-five minutes after I started, I was done!  This time included reading over the questions to be sure that I had not misread any of them.  I made an 81!  So excited!

I must say that the young proctor lady was very patient and put me at ease. So far this online class experience is going very well!

Post It’s vs Color Pens? Which work best for you?

I was very intrigued by this post; https://staticsandstationery.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/how-to-take-notes-from-a-textbook/.  Interesting concept and well worth the read.  However, since I have been doing the online classes thing for about a month, I realized I had reverted back to my old routine of colored pens.  I did this without planning or actively having a pro/con discussion with myself.  I find that I am using one color for important words, facts, etc. and another color for explanation.  Also, I am changing between 2 colors on a page to distinguish paragraphs, or new ideas.  I am curious how this will pan out for studying.  We shall see.  What note taking method and/or methods work for you?Post its.jpgColored Pens.jpg


Storm Hermine 9 2 16

The treat of Storm Hermine has passed.  The last couple of days have been filled with watching the weather channel and looking out the window.  We were lucky in that we were never without power, some in our community were not as fortunate.  When we were told on Thursday that we were not to report to work on Friday, I was ecstatic. Couple that news with being off on Monday for Labor Day, we are looking at a 4-day weekend.  Others were talking of getting their laundry caught up, getting extra water in, all I could think about was sleeping, consuming lots of coffee, and getting ahead on my Math. I did go by Wally World during lunch on Thursday, stocking up on water, bread, etc.  I started not to go, but children’s stories kept running through my head.  Ya know, the ones where the lazy animal does nothing before winter, or a disaster, and the conscientious animal stocks up.  When the major event occurs, the dutiful animal will not share with the lazy animal.  Well, I did not want to be the lazy animal. Fortunately, we did not need the extra supplies, but we were prepared!

I must confess that Friday; I was over-the-top lazy.  I got nothing productive accomplished.  So here I sit, staring at the math that lays before me and only thinking about the football game that will be on in a few hours.  Okay! Here I go!  I got this!