Embarking on a New Adventure

Before I get into the new blog, I want to say that I am not abandoning my book review blog, but I have not been reading lately.  I have been crocheting, adjusting to my husband retirement, working and enjoying our grown children.

This blog will be dedicated to my new adventure, with life events included now and then.

With that said, I would like to invite you to join me as I begin the next life chapter!

If you know me, or have even seen a picture, you are aware that I am not a youngling.  But, I am about to start a new chapter and would like to share the preparation and progress.  You might be asking, what are you about to do! Well, I am going back to school.  I know!!!!

Years ago, 35+, I took a few college classes.  At the time I was a legal secretary and was interested in becoming a paralegal.  I quickly discovered that was not the path for me. However, I have always been drawn to secretary work.  In high school I typed for teachers that were returning to school for their masters. Back in the day before computers, I would spend a few hours each night depleting reams of paper and earning a few dollars.  Two weeks after high school, I was working.  I decide not to attend college, back then it was not such a big deal to continue your education.  The high school I attended had a jam up business education department.  Typing, accounting and a variety of other business courses were taught and I took them all.

So now, I have decided to return to the institute of higher learning.  You might ask, But why?! At your age!  The main reason is to keep my mind active. Our children are grown, living in different cities with very busy lives of their own.  If I am not active, I start overthinking.  So, I am going to try, no, I am going to start classes this fall.  I have signed up for online classes which start in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!!  I have a full time my job and leaving during the day to attend a traditional class is not feasible.  I will be taking Math and an orientation class. Books are ordered and calendar is purchased.  I am considering a bullet journal for note taking.  There was a Pinterest post by Statics and Stationery that explains the process.  My daughter uses the bullet journal system for her “life”.  Check out the links below to see what I am referring to.  I would explain myself, but why recreate the wheel when others have done such a wonderful job.

8 thoughts on “Embarking on a New Adventure

  1. constancemroz2015 says:

    Be, good for you! I was a nontradional student for several years. Six years ago, I walked across the stage to get my Bachelor’s degree – 31 years after I first set foot on a college campus in 1980 as a college freshman. Got married and raised a family in that 31 years. You are never too old to achieve your dreams. You got this!

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